Gemotions Tools provides a set of online tools for emotional growth and personal exploration. These tools allow you to see yourself in new and generally unaccustomed ways. Visibility is a key requirement for a conscious change to occur and our tools provide this visibility.

The services provided by are currently provided with one free year of usage. Afterwards, we may have a nominal annual service fee.

Emotion Tracking has a proprietary 3d model for all the emotions. This model allows you to track your emotions by name and to discover the underlying emotional needs and emotional wants driving these emotions. Analytic tools are provided to view your emotional history by date and by group.

Tracking your emotions allows you to see where you travel emotionally. By analogy, imagine you went walking in fresh snow. Everywhere you go you leave footprints. Recording your emotions creates these footprints in the snow. Over time you can see where you habitually walk and also where you avoid walking.

Tracking your emotions also provides a method for a part of you to gain a much-needed voice. Recording of an emotion is similar to writing a note in a to-do list rather than carrying it around in your thoughts. Once the thought is on paper, we can begin thinking about other things. Similarly, once an emotion is recorded, we can begin feeling other things. This is particularly helpful for letting go of negative emotions. You can give that negative emotion to your record and let it go.

Personality Tests

We have two personality tests to help you determine your MBTI* (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). The basic test is 12 questions and the standard test is 20 questions. Detailed analysis is provided upon completing a test. Additionally, if you take one of the tests while signed-in, we will keep a copy for you so you can refer to the analysis at any later time.

*MBTI is a popular method to determine an individual's personality. It is commonly used in business and the tests have been taken by millions of people. The MBTI divides people into 16 different personalities distinguished by a set of 4 letters. These letters can be used to find out more information about yourself and to share your personality type with others.

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